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25+ Must See Total Body Trainers

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Many of us are interested in building a rock hard body but don’t have time to visit the gym on a regular basis, nor have space for too many exercise equipment at home. Thanks to these 25+ total body trainers, you will be able to work multiple muscle groups to sculpt your body:

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SoloStrength Doorway

SoloStrength: a home gym exercise system with adjustable exercise bar. Supports over 150 bodyweight exercises.

The Rack: a versatile workout station with 19 different functional exercises you can try to build strength in your body. It has multiple hand grips and 3 configurable levels.

FROG Total Body Trainer: comes with resistance bands, wheels, and everything you need to work your shoulders, core, and legs. It allows leapers, VM dips, upright row, and core killers.

Rock Gym 6-in-1 Total Body Trainer: lets you perform crunches, push-ups, leg extensions, and stretching. It has 8 foam rollers and a headrest to help you maintain proper posture.

Fusion CST: has 8 fixed pulley positions, 20 power settings, and a silent magnetic resistance system. Interactive coaching is provided through a 10″ display.


Circ-It: a compact gym with 4 core fitness modules to build strength in your body. You get core rollers, strength bands, speed rope, and sliders.

xChain: a portable workout device that adds 10 pounds to your bodyweight workouts. Allows over 500 exercises.

Body Blitz: this total body trainer uses your own weight to push your body. You can use it to perform alternating lunges, deadlifts, squats, chest press, and other moves.


DoubleFlex: a portable total body gym with adjustable resistance. You can use it to work on your abs, thighs, back, and other parts.

DISQ Mobile Gym: lets you add resistance to work your core, legs, back, and shoulders harder.

Bandleball: these are exercise handles that let you do more with resistance training. The spherical shaped handles are not only ergonomic but feature 360 degree mobility.


Chair Gym: a foldable exercise tool with 3 levels of resistance. Supports over 50 different exercises.

Total Crunch Evolution: an exercise bike that can also work your abs, glutes, thighs, biceps, and other parts of your body. It comes with an adjustable seat and non-slip feet.


BodyCraft T3: supports over 100 exercises. It lets you perform knee raises, pull ups, trunk curls, and stretches.

NuProCore Cycle: lets you ride, squat, try resistance training, and more. It works your legs, core, and other muscle groups.

Total Gym Achiever: this little machine lets you try over 60 exercises at home. It has 6 calibrated levels of resistance and works for people up to 275lbs.

Total Gym 1400 Home Gym: accommodates beginners to more advanced users. It supports over 60 different cardio and strength training moves.

Weider Bungee Bench: a total body workout with 3 resistance levels and 2 backrest positions. Folds flat for easy storage under your bed.

PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover: a fitness system with a steel frame, 8 ball-bearing pulleys, and everything you need for a tough workout. You also get two cable handles and an ankle strap.

EXO Chair: has 2 springs and 8 levels of adjustable resistance for a low impact full body workout.

Standup Varibike: a hybrid bike with 5 different riding styles. It has riding styles that correspond to skiing, paddling, and scooting.


Indoor Varibike: an exercise bike with hand cranks to give you a full body workout indoors.

OctoFit Fitness Toolbox: works your core, legs, arms, and major muscle groups. It has 6 anchor points to accommodate up to 200 pounds of resistance.


TRX Duo Trainer: has handles inspired by gym rings that allows you to try dips, pull ups, and other challenging moves.

Axon: a portable workout tool that measures the force as you push the sensing end of it. It has LEDs to give you feedback.

Slashpipe Fitness Tool

Slashpipe: has a special liquid inside that responds to the slightest movement, making your exercises more challenging.


X3S Bench: combines a chair and bench to target multiple muscles in your body, helping you become fitter. You can add medicine balls and dumbbells to push your body harder.

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