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30+ Killer Leg & Butt Exercise Equipment for a Better Booty

Trending core trainers & ab machines

So you would like to tone your butt and legs? You don’t necessarily need fancy tools to get started. These 30 leg and butt toning workout equipment can help you get results faster though:

ez squat

ūüí™ūüŹĺ Trending strength training:

EZ Squat: lets you use Olympic weight plates to perform squats with proper posture. Helps prevent back strain.

Squat Sponge: lets you perform squats and lunges properly by providing support for the upper, lower back, and abdomen area.

GluteForce Exercise Machine

GluteForce: a premium exercise machine that targets your glutes, abs, and hamstrings. It isolates the lower hamstring to reduce impact on your body. The Bosu ball forces engagement of core muscles.


Dumbbell2: a hybrid dumbbell with a centerweight two handle design that lets you perform pushups, ab workouts, and squats like a pro. 


CruxBody BOOTYS Leg-Weights: leg weights that tone your butt and strengthen your legs and hips. They are comfortable to wear and have adjustable velcro straps on the top.

dream butt

Dream Butt Machine: isolates your glutes and uses your body’s center of gravity to help you build an amazing butt.

Glute Ridge Roller

Glute Ridge Roller: a useful tool for performing glute bridges and curls. It also raised handles for core workouts.

Rogue Box Squat Box

Rogue Box Squat Box: lets you perform box squats, step ups, and other moves to target your backside.

MoveStrong DSL Bar for Squats, Deadlifts

MoveStrong DSL Bar: a useful tool for performing squat and deadlift variations. Lets you bring variety to your deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

Front Squat Zercher Harness: helps you work your lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

body solid squat

Body Solid Leverage Squat Machine: this exercise machine works your thighs, glutes, and calves. Lets you perform squats with 800 pounds or more.


Powerline PGM200X Glute Master: has rollers and comfortable pads to isolate your muscles and tone your legs. It also has adjustable forearm pads.


Booty Firm: gets you fit while dancing. The machine has 10 levels to tone your body and target your glutes, quads, and thighs.

Manta Squat Pad: this tool distributes the weight across your trapezius muscles and reduces your risk of injury.


Stroops Chain Killers for Squat: lets you use resistance bands to intensify your squat workouts.

squat master squats

Squat Master: have problem performing squats properly? This device can help. It helps you achieve perfect alignment for squats, lunges, and yoga poses.


Bandbell Breakdown Bar: a portable system that lets you perform squats, deadlifts, and other moves.

Total Gym Jump Trainer

Total Gym Jump Trainer: a workout machine that lets you build explosive power in your muscles. Allows you to control up and down stages of a squat and allows for variations.

Glute Ham

Glute Ham Developer: helps you develop a more balanced body and works on your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

TRUE Glute Press

TRUE Glute Press: it targets your upper and lower body muscle groups and supports a variety of moves.

GameSpeed Power Runner

GameSpeed Power Runner: isolates the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. You can use it for single and double leg exercises.

Safety Squat Bar

Safety Squat Bar: a bar with padded foam rollers to support your body as you perform squats. It holds up to 6 x 45 lbs weight plates.

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